Carefree Elegance - luxury stain resistant carpet

Why Elegance

Carefree Elegance - an abundance of benefits, wrapped in luxury

lavish indulgence

Carefree Elégance beautifully combines lavish indulgence with engineered excellence.
Manufactured with a rich & opulent pile, our definition of Carefree Elégance is ‘indulgence and enjoyment’. And this 50 oz carpet just oozes total comfort.
Soft & luxurious to the touch – Carefree Elégance lets you simply lose yourself in a world of heavenly, pampering pile.
Featuring our ultra luxurious ‘Natura’ fibres offering a completely natural look and feel – these fibres are then combined into a resilient 2-ply yarn – ensuring your investment looks better for longer.
The carpet comes with a host of many other features – so it’s little wonder that Carefree Elégance really does have that something extra.

engineered excellence

And with Carefree Elégance, we’re not just talking luxury. There’s real substance behind the style.
Our development team have created a carpet of true engineering excellence.
The 2-ply yarn is triple sheared to a fine pinpoint finish, a technique that creates a de-lustred, less reflective, matt finish.
The real benefit of this technique is a carpet that possesses a much more natural appearance – and a less artificial & synthetic look. The other added benefit is the carpet will not suffer from pile reversal – meaning no unsightly water marking, shading or visual alteration.
With improved backing, Carefree Elégance is guaranteed not to delaminate – and possesses incredible dimensional stability.
Giving customers the assurance that not only will your carpet be lighter, more flexible, and much easier to install – but it will also avoid stretching or loss of shape after installation.

practical intelligence

In today’s busy lifestyles you need a carpet that not only looks and feels good – but is practical enough to perform under the most arduous conditions.
All Carefree Elégance carpets are manufactured using enhanced Carefree yarn – which has the unique benefit of being totally stain resistant*.
Resistant not just against food and drink – but every spillage and stain imaginable – including lily pollen, saffron, curry powder, curry, lasagne, ink, crayon,
water based paint. The list is pretty much endless.
And for those really stubborn stains – you can even use household bleach*.
All Carefree carpets are 100% bleach cleanable* – without marking or ruining your carpet.
Leaving you to get on with your life – without the worry of ruined carpet or expensive bills.
Add to this a whopping 10 year wear & stain warranty – it’s easy to see why Carefree Elégance offers customers complete peace of mind.
For further details on the FREE 10 year warranty, please click here.

* providing standard cleaning procedures & guidelines regarding spills & stains are followed.